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Home Interiors

Paint has power.

Color can influence your mood and get your attention. It can establish the ambience in a room, make you happy, or communicate to others that you’re the boss. Marketers refer to the phenomenon as the psychology of color.

Ask any designer, the effect that color has on people is as present in your home as it is in your wardrobe.

Whites, grays and neutral tones in an open floor plan provide the backdrop that allows the rugs, artwork and furnishings to pop. A yellow kitchen exudes warmth and optimism. Red in a child room communicates youthful excitement, and gray in the master suite promotes balance and calm.

Get the results you expect and deserve.

Pick the color or colors you want in your home and we’ll transform your rooms into spaces you love.

We consult with you about recommended paint finishes and learn your personal preferences.

Our quality paint teams are meticulous in their edge and trim detailing. Subtle tones, bold accents, soothing hues—whatever your taste in architectural styling and home décor, we promise quality workmanship regardless of the scope or size of the paint job.

Thinking of a Do it Yourself project?

Like a lot of home projects, paint jobs are detail oriented.

Doing them well involves skills and techniques that are honed over years of experience. ​Call us before you head to the paint store or pick up a paintbrush.

You may be pleasantly surprised by the numbers, and we can promise you’ll be thrilled with the results.

Our experts are here and ready to help you get started!