• The Wright Choice for your commercial and residential painting needs.


Trust your property to the painting experts

Exteriors, interiors, garages and sheds, decks and fences—every paintable surface on your property falls within our capability and expertise. We assemble crews to fit the demands of the job. Patching drywall that’s been scuffed and kicked, applying new caulking in the bath, or scraping exterior paint that has cracked and peeled after years of sun exposure are situations we handle with precision and care. Thorough prep work is essential. We take the time to create surfaces that paint will easily adhere to and look beautiful for years to come.

Wright Choice quality paint teams get the job done

Prior to painting for Wright Choice, our painters work alongside experienced craftsman to learn the value of prep work and the skills that a good prep job requires. They learn when to use a brush, roller or sprayer and the techniques involved in each type of application. We attend seminars held by the pros at Sherwin-Williams and provide conscientious oversight to ensure quality workmanship. We carefully assess each project to be sure we understand your expectations and scheduling constraints. To save time and to ensure excellent results, we assign a crew with the expertise to handle the specific challenges your project presents. Once completed, we see to it that everything’s been done to your satisfaction.

Your project starts with a thorough assessment

Every project begins with an on-site visit to your home or, in the case of commercial work, to your business. Ray Wright meets with you to answer your questions and discuss any concerns. A firsthand look helps us define the scope of the project, understand your expectations, and assemble a crew with the requisite skills to do a great job. Ray follows up with an estimate for materials and labor and a recommended timeframe. We take your needs into consideration and do our best to accommodate any scheduling demands. If you’re located in another part of the country, we’re happy to work with the property manager or whomever you designate as our main contact for the project.

Let’s talk about getting started on your new painting project today!

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We’re flexible

Surprises are part of life. We’ll juggle timeframes as much as possible to get that living room painted before the in-laws arrive for the holidays. Of course, we can’t run our business solely on last-minute requests but when they arise, we’ll jump through hoops to accommodate them.

Take the first step

Fresh paint can make a home you’ve lived in for years feel new again. If you’re thinking of selling, nothing helps a home show better than fresh paint. Reach out by phone or email. We’re eager to hear about your project and provide an estimate for a paint job you’ll love.