Owners of homes and businesses trust us to deliver the highest standards of excellence in interior and exterior painting.

We’ve built our business through referrals from satisfied customers who value the quality of our work and appreciate our friendly, reliable and trustworthy service.

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Let's transform your living space with a fresh coat of paint.

Home Exteriors

A great paint job can make an older home look new again.


Give your business a facelift.

Say yes to drop-dead gorgeous

Skillful painters who care about their work, high-grade paint, brushes and rollers, and meticulous prep work are givens in a professional paint job from Wright Choice.

Paint does wonders to protect the integrity of your woodwork, walls and ceilings, provided the surface is carefully prepped prior to painting. Our quality paint teams prep cracked, peeling or flaking areas before applying new primer and paint.

When it’s called for, we patch drywall, apply putty, and caulk to create a smooth, clean surface that paint will easily adhere to, resulting in a beautiful finish for years to come.

We’re experts at cutting a clean, even edge, and take our time to ensure flawless trim work. We aim to create rooms that make you smile every time you walk through the door.

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“Drive through any city in America and you can find five hundred guys with ladders on top of their cars. That’s NOT us.” 

— Ray Wright, Owner of Wright Choice Painting

Let's talk value

We’re not the cheapest painter you’ll talk to, but we promise service and workmanship that represent real value.

No one is hired until we’ve seen their work and feel confident in their ability to uphold our reputation for quality. We’ll move heaven and earth to address any issues that arise or details that need tending to.

Honesty and integrity are foundational to our company credo. We hold ourselves accountable to one another and to you, our customer, to deliver the paint job you deserve from a professional painting company.


Serving the metro Denver area—and beyond

We paint residential and commercial properties from Fort Collins to Colorado Springs.

We’ve painted homes and businesses in Georgetown, Niwot and Boulder, and know the neighborhoods of metro Denver like the back of our hand.

With a sizeable team of experienced quality painters, we can assemble a crew for your Front Range project, regardless of location.

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